6X60 mins 

After his partner is murdered in cold blood, Detective Mike Sweeney moves his family back to the small town where he grew up. But beneath the rural calm of Durham County lurk secrets so dark that even those who carry them can no longer see the light of truth. Mike Sweeney is no exception. He copes with his wife’s battle with cancer by withdrawing into his work, and another woman’s arms. Sparks fly and tension mounts as a series of brutal murders cast a long shadow across Durham County. Before long, Mike must come face to face with his past when he discovers that Ray Prager, a friend from his teenage years, is his new neighbour. A deadly rivalry plays out in a psychological game of murder and revenge, drawing the members of both families ever deeper into a deadly web of desire and violence.

Mike’s morbidly inquisitive teenage daughter, Sadie, starts to piece together the puzzle and becomes dangerously embroiled in the web being cast by their increasingly psychotic neighbour Meanwhile, the evidence and Mike’s professional integrity are compromised by his own secret connection to one of the victims. It seems that Ray knows more about Mike than Mike can admit to himself. Ray will do anything, including using his own family, to fulfil his increasingly brutal desires and psychotic needs. Sex, desperation, and coming of age play out as a dangerous game of psychological Russian roulette in Durham County. Lies and deceit are revealed as family and personal secrets unravel almost as quickly as the lives bound up in them. Even in quiet Durham County, sex and death wait in the shadows for someone to play.




Janis Lundman

Adrienne Mitchell

Michael Prupas


Laurie Finstad Knizhnik