In Season 3, Durham County focuses on a task force that covers crimes along the 401 highway corridor. Mike Sweeney, now the Superintendent of the Durham police precinct, is on this force, which, when the episode opens, is investigating the murder of two young drug runners. Mike wonders whether these deaths are warnings to other runners or the beginnings of a gang war. Mike’s challenge is how to get through the language barriers and trace the crimes to sources that may be here or overseas. Durham, because of its proximity to the 401 corridor, is a transportation hub, one stop on a crime corridor. Nothing has roots here, but everything passes through. Ivan Sujic (ex-military), partners with Mike on the task-force investigating the drug-trafficking murders. Mike quickly learns that Ivan is distraught because his wife, Katya, is missing and didn’t return from a trip to the United States.

The friendship between the two men, a friendship that grows and deepens, also becomes for Mike, a murder investigation. Mike suspects that Ivan’s troubled brother-in-law, Miro, may have something to do with Katya’s disappearance and that Ivan may know something about it. Meanwhile, Mike’s family life is blossoming: his wife, Audrey, is pregnant, the past is buried, they are in love and looking forward to this child who is a symbol of their renewed love. Daughter Sadie is now living with Ray Jr., having trouble balancing her relationship with her new life as a rookie cop. She is doubting her abilities, needing to prove herself. Ray Jr. is constantly worried about Sadie, and he’s got cause; she too is pregnant.

Mike has to deal with Sadie being a cop when the task force puts her (and several others from the police graduating class), out on the street as eyes and ears. He knows he has to stand back, let her be. And he’s trying, he’s really trying but he’s very worried too. In episode three, a tragedy strikes Sweeney in a way that he could never have imagined and turns his life upside down. He throws himself into his work in a reckless way, pushing hard to find those responsible for the deaths of the two drug runners. He also sets a trap that will determine Miro’s guilt or innocence and Ivan’s role if any.

Sadie’s contact with a drug dealer, the only lead they’ve got on that case, puts her in terrible danger and tests the limits of the father-daughter relationship. Can Mike let her do what she needs to do to be a cop, i.e. stand alone and for herself? In the end, the two cases come together in a chilling conclusion.




Janis Lundman
Adrienne Mitchell
Michael Prupas
Laurie Finstad Knizhnik


Laurie Finstad Knizhnik


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Best Achivement in Casting (Marissa Richmond)

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Best Performance by an Actor in a Guest Role Dramatic Series (Michael Nardone)


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Directors Guild of Canada Awards

Best Sound Editing, Television Series (Jill Purdy, Rose Gregoris, Alex Bullick)



Gemini Awards

Best Sound in a Dramatic Series (Christian T. Cooke, Andrea Higgins, Jill Purdy, Marilee Yorston, Yann Cleary, Steve Moore, Alex Bullick)

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Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role (Hugh Dillon)

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Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series (Benedicte Decary)

Directors Guild of Canada Awards

Best Direction, Television Series (Adrienne Mitchell)